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Elite Sarms - Physique Stack

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Physique Stack by Elite Sarms


1 x Decavar® (MK-2866)

1 x GH Pep® (MK-677)

combines the great healing and recovery boosting edge of Decavar® (MK-2866), and the growth amplifying effects of GH Pep®(MK-677). The powerful combined action of these 2 Elite Sarms products not only warrants fast post-workout recovery but also massive gains in bone density and muscle tissue.

Elite Sarms - Decavar® (MK-2866) or Ostarine as other studies term the novel compound, has been documented to closely resemble the anabolic Avar. MK-2866 became prominent due to its healing prowess on test subjects with muscle wasting and bone density problems. MK 2866 promptly became a favorite supplement for athletes, physique contenders, and gym goers in need of speedy recovery from vigorous workouts while having Zero negative effects on the heart, prostate and liver.

Elite Sarms Decavar®'s impressive healing and anabolic properties on muscle tissue has also exhibited consistent results in enhancing functional performance and endurance. Athletes and body builders can benefit significantly from MK-2866 as it enhances lean muscle mass and strength levels and enables one to maintain muscle gains even with reduced caloric intake.

Elite Sarms GH Pep® (MK-677) is an orally administered Growth Hormone Secretagogue. A secretagogue is the term for a substance that naturally signals the pituitary gland to secrete GH. This product is proven to accelerate muscle growth while simultaneously boosting basal metabolic rate, breaking down carbohydrates and fats while assisting in the uptake of glucose into skeletal muscle. This makes GH Pep an effective and great body re-composition product. 

While clinical trials have shown enhanced pulsatile Growth Hormone secretion with GH Pep®, the studies also demonstrated sustained increases in plasma levels of several hormones including insulin-like-growth-factor 1 (IGF-1) for up to 24 hours. This resulted in significant fat-free muscle gains.

Elite Sarms GH Pep® (MK-677)

Elite Sarms GH Pep®
(MK-677) is a ghrelin mimetic comparable to peptides like IGF-1 Lr3 or MGF(peptides), only it doesn’t require any injections nor does it have any adverse effects such as an increase in cortisol levels.

The Elite SARMs Physique Stack
is an excellent blend for athletes, professional physique competitors, fitness buffs, or individuals looking to improve their physical form. This stack will effectively accelerate post-workout recovery, fast-track muscle and bone building, augment fat loss and enhance strength & endurance, as a total whole-body physique and performance improvement package. 







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* 99% Pure Sarms
* Pharmaceutical grade
* Manufactured in Australia
* Compounded by Elite Sarms Pharmacologist
* HPLC Tested
* Registered USPS post with tracking
* Scientific-backed advice and assistance
* Compounded in grape seed oil for taste & health

These products are not for use in preventing, curing, or treating a particular disease or ailments. For research only.


Decavar®: A dose of 25mg per day of Decavar® (MK-2866) is recommended for males and 12.5mg per day for females. Each bottle has 30ml with an average dose being 1ml for males or .5ml for females. 1ml is 3/4 of the dropper or 25mg. Each bottle contains 30+ days of use. Cycle Length 6 - 8 weeks.

GH Pep®: A dose of 25mg per day of GH Pep® (MK-677) is recommended. Each bottle has 30ml with an average dose being 1ml. 1ml is 3/4 of the dropper or 25 mg. Each bottle contains 30+ days of use. Cycle Length: 8-12 weeks

Shake well before use.


Customer Reviews

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Grant Mann
Great products

Prompt shipping and working a treat

Aklesh Kumar
The best

It is the best thing ever. I have started to see chances in my body. I have used other supplements before but nothing works as fast as physique stack.

Simon Larkman
Physique stack

I noticed almost instant improvements. First thing was my recovery after workouts. The 'DOMS' for me are now a thing of the past, as well as massive sleep improvements, not to mention the 800g of Muscle Ive put on over the past 30 days. Im now half way through my cycle and looking forward to more lean muscle gains. The service and advice from the team was exceptional!

Matthew Gissara
Perfect stack

Strength is out of this world. Recovery is great and im seeing a massive difference in appearance.
Will buy again, definitely recommend to anyone ready to step it up

Brett Ford

Awesome service and great results from the products!

Pieter Erwee

Don’t have any answers yet starting next month thanks

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