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Elite Sarms - Hyper Lean® (SR9009)

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The Science of Hyper Lean® (SR9009)


Elite Sarms - Hyper Lean® (SR9009) works by increasing the number of mitochondria (energy producing cells) in skeletal muscle, therefore increasing the body’s metabolism. It also carries a duel role of eliminating damaged mitochondria and replacing them with new ones for an overall improved metabolism.

In studies SR9009 has demonstrated the effect of making the body respond as though it is in a state of exercise by increasing the basal metabolic rate assisting in body fat loss and increased athletic performance. This increase of metabolism was achieved without any disruption to the Central Nervous System, meaning it is completely non-stimulant.

Hyper Lean® also influences lipid (fat) and glucose metabolism in the liver, resulting in more glucose being taken up into skeletal muscle instead of being stored as fat. Excess calories are also metabolised more efficiently leading to less body fat storage and the reduction of already present body fat.

Due to an increased metabolism while on SR9009 test subjects experienced enhanced endurance allowing for longer and harder training sessions, which also contributed to better muscle mass and lower fat levels. 

Hyper Lean® has a short half life of 4 hours therefore researchers should split the dosage into 2 or 3 doses per day.

Dosage of Hyper Lean® (SR9009)

Research suggests this compound (SR9009) is effective dosed at 10 - 20mg per day. Each bottle has 30ml with 20mg of SR9009 being equal to 1ml. Each bottle contains 30 + dosages. Research cycle length: 8 – 12 Weeks. Shake well before use.



Hyper Lean®: Ethyl 3-(4-chlorophenyl)methyl-(5-nitrothiophen-2-yl)methyl amino methyl pyrrolidine-1-carboxylate, grape seed oil.

Fast same day registered post shipping.

* 99% Pure Sarms
* Pharmaceutical grade
* Purity Results Available 2nd Image (3rd Party DEA Registered Lab Test)
* Concentration Results Available 3nd Image (3rd Party DEA Registered Lab Test)

* Manufactured in USA
* Raw compound sourced from Germany
* HPLC Tested
* Registered post with Live Tracking
* Scientific-backed advice and assistance
* Compounded in MCT oil with Natural Mint Flavour

These products are not for use in preventing, curing, or treating a particular disease or ailments. For research only.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Great Product

    Have only used for about 4 weeks but can really notice the difference visually and increased energy levels when training.

    rosemary james
    Good product

    I tried this product and didn’t get any results. The company said I needed to be on it for a few cycles to get the benefit. So I did along with incorporating intermittent fasting. 2 months later based on in body scan my body fat % went from 17% to 16%.

    Great stuff!!!

    I am on the last week of using this product.
    I am 5.2 kgs lighter.
    My recovery from exercise is better.
    I can train even harder.
    Already have a second batch delivered for after new years 👌

    Daniel Picca
    The fat melts off


    I didn't notice any benefits

    I am sorry to say that I didn't notice any benefits, either in the gym or even running. Energy no difference, endurance no difference, body composition no difference.

    Hi Michele,

    We are also sorry to hear you didn't notice any changes. This is very rare as 99% of our feedback on this product is raving reviews. We know the compound is active and of the highest quality due to our diligent testing with MZ Biolabs (USA). Unless you have a rare form of immunity to this compound I would ensure you try the following should you wish to give this particular compound a second try :

    1. Track your macros and ensure you are in a calorie deficit. No matter what supplement/compound you take, if you are intaking more calories than you are expending your body composition will never swing in a positive way - this includes even when taking hormones.

    2. SR9009 is activated from within the body and therefore after a minimum of 1 week ensure you turn up the intensity of your cardio/anaerobic output to truly activate Hyper Lean to its fullest potential.

    3. Time your cardio over distance. Even though it may have felt like your running didn't increase, that is mostly the point - cardio/anaerobic endurance feels easier so you are able to push harder. If you timed your runs you will most likely find you were able to cover a greater distance in less time and will still feel the exertion because you can push even harder in your output.

    4. Hyper Lean can not fix Central Nervous System burnout. If you have any type of CNS fatigue you may not notice an energy incrase from SR9009. This CNS fatigue is a root problem that needs to be addressed first (if it is the case) before any compound can assist in increasing your energy. SR9009 releases energy due to increasing/improving the quality of your metabolism through cellular activity.

    it is important to note that any compound whether Sarms or Hormones do not do the work for you, you must activate them then they can facilitate working at higher intensities and recovering faster so you are able to train harder and this is where the results are felt/seen/drastically experienced.

    Omair Khan
    Works Well!

    Since starting, coupled with a cleaner diet I have noticed that I have been dropped body fat, whilst also gaining lean muscle. Very happy with the results so far and only halfway through the cycle.

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