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ūüĒ• (NEW) Elite Sarms - Re-Charge¬ģ (Arimistane) 25mg/ml at 30ml

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The active ingredient in Elite Sarms - Re-Charge¬ģ is Arimistane. Arimistane is known as an Aromatase Inhibitor and works by¬†blocking circulating estrogen which leads to a natural increase in Testosterone.¬†

A natural increase in Testosterone positively effects lean muscle mass, recovery rate, strength levels and libido. Arimistane also has a positive impact on body fat levels which can lead to fat loss when combined with a nutrition plan and calorie control.

Re-Charge¬ģ¬†can be taken alone for a natural boost in testosterone levels which leads to an increase in athletic performance, strength and power output. It can also be taken during a Sarms cycle to keep Testosterone levels high throughout the cycle or Post-Cycle for a Test Boost¬†post¬†supplementation cycle to ensure all gains are maintained - including increased muscle and low body fat levels.

In conclusion, the main benefits of Elite Sarms - Re-Charge¬ģ Include:¬†

  • Lowers/Balances Estrogen
  • Increase Testosterone Production
  • Increase Energy
  • Boost Strength
  • Boost Power Output
  • Lower Cortisol¬†
  • Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)
  • Maintain Muscle Gains
  • Maintain Low Body Fat

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* 99% Pure Aromatase Inhibitor
* Pharmaceutical grade
* Manufactured in USA
* Compounded by Elite Sarms Pharmacologist
* HPLC Tested (3rd Party batch tested)
* 25mg/ml exact formulation
* Compounded in MCT oil for a smooth taste & health benefits

These products are not for use in preventing, curing, or treating a particular disease or ailments. For research only.


Research suggests RE-CHRAGE¬ģ¬†is most effective¬†dosed at 25mg daily for 2 - 4 continuous weeks. Each bottle¬†is 30ml total liquid volume. 1ml of RE-CHARGE¬ģ¬†is equal to 25mg of active ingredient (Arimistane). Each bottle contains 30 + dosages.

25mg of Re-Charge¬ģ is the most common dose, although some¬†researchers¬†will go as low as 12.5mg or as high as 50mg in a 24hr period. Average peak plasma concentration occurs approximately 2 - 4¬†hours¬†after dosing.¬†Shake well before use.


Re-Charge¬ģ: Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione,¬†MCT¬†oil.


Shake Well Before Use

Recommended dose is 1ml daily which is a single dose of 25mg of Arimistane. Normal cycle duration is between 2 - 4 weeks, however can be continued for up to 5-6 weeks. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Shaun Scott

The Arimistane I recently purchased is an amazing anti estrogren blocker, it does exactly what it is intended to do. I will be buying more in the future

Brad Betts
recieved shipment

i received this shipment - I have not yet tried it out as we are still in lockdown in Sydney and i am waiting until I can get back to the gym to take full advantage of this product - but- the person who assisted me to buy it was really helpful, and the product arrived super fast . looking forward to trying it out

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