• PHYSIQUE 400

Kehaan Critchell

Finally Some Results
I have been working out and dieting for years to much much avail. I decided to look around and see if there's anything to give me an edge. BAM Lgd-4033. completed a cycle this week and my God. I have never been able to get a body a liked. Finally some progress and some progress it was. Gained 7kg over 8 weeks and I am stronger then I have ever been.

William Turgoose

Hard Gainer
So I am on my second lot of lgd-4033 and S4. I am a hard gainer, and have struggled to put on size no matter how many calories I consume, I've always used mass gainer protein, tried test boosters and all sorts. Not wanting to try steroids, I gave sarms a go. The results haven't been huge, but there have been results. I've only added about 1000 calories to my daily intake, and train 2-3 times a week for 30 mins. But have gained 4 kg of muscle. And I'm about 6 weeks on now. If I was to apply myself 100% I guarantee the results would be better. William T

Paul Groenveld

It Works!!
You’ll be seeing more orders from me.

David De Bono

Physique 400 **** AWESOME *****
The Physique 400 (S4) from Elite Sarms is absolutely awesome. The taste is not as bad as S4 from other companies and most importantly it actually works. The strength gains begin to happen after the first week and continue to progress. Communication from the Elite team is fantastic. Any questions are generally answered within the hour at worst. Company and product is highly recommended.


Tried out the ELITE SARMS - PHYSIQUE 400® (LGD-4033), I did a cycle of 4 weeks, I would have to say the results are amazing, I gained 6kgs in that period but I also ate right and trained well. Will be buying another bottle for one more cycle.

Joshua Kingi

Top Service
From Elite Sarms My order was incorrectly sent and the communication was instant to rectify the order. Elite Sarms rectified the order straight away and remaining was sent. Very happy with how they handled my query.

Brad Betts

Does The Job!
Very happy - seems to work well ! Staff are helpful and knowledgeable. Will steer you in the right direction ! Recommended

Aaron Stevens

Great Once Again LGD-4033
This is the 3rd time I have cycled elite sarms LGD-4033. Never had a problem with buying from these guys, has arrived everytime with no issues. Gains for me have been approximately 2-3kg of lean muscle over a 1 bottle cycle, you feel strong and recover really quick. Coming off the LGD-4033, I have maintained the gains and weight. All up I love it.

Omair Khan

Great product and better service
In terms of the product, I am already seeing lean mass results and body comp is slowly improving. Tastes a lot better compared to some of the other products on the market. The service from Elite Sarms was great as well with fast delivery!


Pretty good. Nice mint taste. I can feel difference with fat loss and recovery. Will order again and stack it with LGD and RAD.


Firstly, such amazingly fast shipping and the customer service is top tier! Secondly, the product itself is a miracle worker. I absolutely love how convenient it is to use and the strength gains and visible differences within just 2 weeks of using it has been insane. So so so happy with it and can’t wait to try some of the other products!

 Rosemary James

Good Product
I used decavar stacked with cardio shred. Definitely getting stronger and cardio performance also improved. I am not sure if it is the combination of product or one or the other product that is making a difference…but something is definitely working.

Melanie A

Decavar MK2866
Im a 46 year old female and Ive been using Decavar for 4 weeks now - 1ml a day dose. I plan to stay on it for another 4 weeks then have a break. After 2 weeks, I felt it kick in and could lift significantly more and last longer at that intensity. I'm in the gym 6 days a week following thr DLB Daily program. In my progress shots, you can see the difference. No side effects apart from my hair getting a little greasier quicker and needing a wash every 1-2 days as opposed to 3.

Savanah Fleury

Excellent product, muscle gains without much pain, feel stronger for weight training. 7 months post Partum

Marko Korlat

Decavar Review
First of all the team at Elite Sarms was very helpful answering all my queries before purchasing the product. Second of all the shipment was very prompt which was awesome. The product itself is great, I am half way through and I have gained heaps in strength and also started losing the unwanted weight too. Results are great! Very grateful :)

Antony Carpena

Size & Strength - 2 Pump Up
Started Decavar & GH Pep about 3 weeks ago. At first I was getting a decent pump but I’ve really been noticing thicker muscles and a good few KG in weight along with improved strength each time I train. I am noticing extra reps / extra weight on lifts each session; good progressive overload.