Thank you for looking to become part of the Elite Sarms Team. 

Firstly, choose 2 Individual Products you want from the Elite Sarms Range. Click the link below to check out what your 2 favourite Sarms will be to have delivered free to your location of choice: https://www.elitesarms.com/collections/individual-elite-sarms

Steps to obtain your 2 free Elite Sarms:

  1. Sign up to our Influencer APP. Within this APP you can track of the amount of people that use your code when they order their Elite Sarms.

  2. Connect your social media account you will be creating content on, with our products.

  3. Create the code that you want to give your followers, so that they can receive 10% OFF on their orders on both Individual and ES Stacks. For each order completed with your code you will receive $10 USD to be used as store credit on any Elite Sarms we have in our online store.

  4. Once we receive your request, we will get in contact with you so that we can arrange the delivery of your free Elite Sarms.

What we would like in exchange is:

  1. 4 x Stories minimum over the next 30 days, where you tell your audience about the products that you chose and share your Discount Code (written) and the Direct Link of your discount code to our website (www.elitesarms.com).

  2. 2 x Videos of around 30 - 60 seconds Testimonial about your selected Elite Sarms. We will also be sharing them on our social media platforms. Again sharing your Discount Code and a link to our website.

  3. 1 x Photo of you with your 2 Elite Sarms products, sharing your Discount Code along with a link to our website. We may also use this on our social media platforms.

* If you sign up to the influencer APP you agree to follow this list of terms and conditions in exchange for your 2 free Elite Sarms products in a period no longer than 30 days. The Free Products cost is: $215 - $269 USD