Welcome to another Elite Sarms blog. This week we are unwrapping the mystery around one of the most powerful muscle building Sarms in the world - RAD140. RAD140 is a most interesting compound and has a vast array of beneficial effects, even working to stimulate androgen receptors in the brain for optimised brain performance, however in this article we are going to focus on RAD140’s muscle building performance.

When it comes to the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) RAD140, otherwise known in the Elite Sarms range as; Tight® studies have now proven that the compound is 90% as anabolic as testosterone, with 1% of the androgenic (negative) side effects, making this compound one of the most powerful, yet safe muscle building products available today. It is the fact that RAD140 is only 10% less powerful than testosterone but carries zero conversion to estrogen that makes athletes favour this compound over its old-school counterpart.

RAD140 could even be seen as the testosterone alternative of the future, with scientists currently studying the veracity of using the RAD140 compound to mimic the physiological benefits of testosterone for males with low T.

Here are some of the benefits of RAD140:

- Fast development of muscles

- Rapid Fat Loss

- Perfect Sarm for Bulking while remaining lean

- Zero Prostate effects

- 90:1 Anabolic (positive muscle building) to Androgenic (negative side effects

When it comes to Sarms and muscle building many have called LGD4033 “The King” of all muscle builders, however…….RAD140 is fast becoming known around the world as the leaner and dryer version of LGD, assisting users to cut body fat and seriously harden while building muscle and strength at the same time - a feat that not many compounds in the world can achieve.

By combining the dry muscle building effect of RAD140 will intelligent nutrition (see how to body re-comp through eating food here Our users have reported muscle gains of between 5 - 7kg over an 8 - 12 week period.


RAD operates in similar fashion to Sarms LGD4033 and MK2866 known as Ostarine. From around 20 minutes after ingestion of the RAD140 compound enters the blood and begins to signal the androgen receptors specifically in skeletal muscle which triggers the fast growth of lean muscle tissue.

Even though RAD140 carries 90% of the same anabolic power of testosterone it works very differently!

When artificial testosterone is used, it binds to ALL the androgen receptors in the body, meaning the muscle in the quads, calves, glutes, abs, back, shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps will grow, however tissue which we don’t want to such as prostate tissue can also grow.

Whereas, with RAD140 the compound has a super high affinity to Skeletal Muscle (AR), which are the muscles we workout in training and utilise for athletics and aesthetics and has almost no affinity to tissues we do not want to grow in the body with can cause ill health. This is a major breakthrough in highly anabolic compounds and is the reason why many hard-line traditional Testosterone users are now turning to RAD140 to meet their energy, body rejuvenation, body composition and wellbeing needs.


RAD140 therefore, also carries 90% of the fat burning properties of testosterone. RAD140 and testosterone are such effective fat burners because they change the entire body composition by increasing the growth of muscle which has a direct impact on the bodies metabolism, requiring more energy as a fuel source to carry out basic daily functions. Therefore by supplementing with RAD140 you also burn fat very effectively due to the rapid increase in lean muscle tissue and the bodies increased calorie requirements.


RAD140 is The Best dry muscle builder in the entire Elite Sarms range. There is no other compound that mimics the anabolic effects of testosterone by 90% while only having 1% of the potential side effects. With a solid training, nutrition and recovery schedule, one can look to gain between 5 - 7kg of dry muscle within an 8 -12 week period with the RAD140 compound. RAD140 may just be the closest breakthrough we’ve had to date as an alternative to the muscle building components of testosterone.

To read more about RAD140 or to buy this amazing compound find Tight®(RAD140) here.

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